Global Monitoring System for Alarm Management



Global Monitoring System for Alarm Management.

Thanks to the thin client and some of the most advanced features on the market, M1 is a technology and performance hub for remote monitoring stations. M1 is equipped with a customisable graphical user interface adapted to the needs of centre users and Business Continuity Plans. Multimedia integration ensures centralised management of audio, video and telephony, providing unique task automation for efficient monitoring. There are many modules available to increase performance, allowing you to control your human resources needs.

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Additional modules

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Module Portal.

M1Web gives access to a web portal for installers, partners, technicians and end customers. It is an essential tool for remote work: site installation and access, full access to events history, the option to amend data, statistical reports on request.

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Communication Management Module.

MG1 enables fast and straightforward communication by SMS, fax and e-mail, direct from M1. Improved communication with installers, especially during equipment testing phases or for intervention requests. Communication with customers to keep them as informed of events as possible. MG1 also offers simplified EDM (Electronic Document Management) features connected to M1 events.

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Geolocation and Track-And-Trace Module.

C1 allows the geolocation of isolated workers, individuals who are dependent or under surveillance, external intervention forces, fleets of vehicles, using a dynamic track-and-trace system that works regardless of the type of tracker or GPS device used. C1 integrates geofencing, corridoring and routing features.

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Interactive Map Management Module.

P1 is an interactive map presentation system, providing a clear representation of site layout, equipment location and available tools through a customisable interface. It allows direct graphical interaction between events detected by the sensors or cameras located on maps and the remote control management of them.

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Intervention Management App.

The I1 app makes it possible to supervise security guard interventions in real time using the M1 management platform. Mission sending, real-time route and traffic calculations, on-site reports with photos, audio and video recordings, alert button. Complete traceability through the automatic recording of the mission’s progress on the M1 supervision tool.

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Site Management App.

The S1 app is the Android and IOS compatible mobile application, which is integrated into M1 and intended for end customers, partners and remote monitoring station installers. It allows users to autonomously manage their sites, equipment and equipment status, and to access the intervention histories, alarms, etc.

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