The Centralised Management Hypervisor for Smart Project



The Centralised Management Hypervisor for Smart Project.

SpaceControl is ESI’s multi-protocol hypervisor that brings together all of your safety, security, BMS/CBM, access control, fire, call points etc. systems onto a single dedicated interface. It is equipped with multi-protocol F1 and V1 engines, mainstays in the ESI product range. This open solution, which was entirely developed in France, integrates more than 400 manufacturer protocols, making it compatible with most low-voltage installations on the market. There is the option to combine it with the power provided by AI, via the AV1 module.

Schéma SC

Innovative Solution

SpaceControl is the first hypervisor on the market to include more than 400 manufacturer protocols, integrating a native cloud link as well as a link to remote monitoring stations. It is also the first hypervisor to offer deep learning-based video analysis.

Modular and Flexible

SpaceControl can manage complex configurations both locally and remotely. You can manage a multi-site environment containing many connected and interoperable devices.

Reliable and Secure

Total security for your system: encryption during data transfers, polling, anti-decoy, automatic blocking of polluting sites, anti-denial of service solution, access supervision, fault escalation.

screen Dynamic Interactive Maps

Dynamic Interactive Maps

  • Graphic representation of the technical and security status of each building or zone Automatic loading of map or zone corresponding to when an event is received
  • Dynamic display of a video thumbnail when the cursor is placed over it, showing both the alarm film and live video
  • Management of different layers (superimposed layers of maps) corresponding to the types of equipment
  • BIM compatibility*


  • Interfacing the management of audio flows with the SIP (IPBX) telephony system.

screen Video


  • Video control ergonomics thanks to the automatic creation of film when an event is received
  • Creation of video sequences or rounds automatically launched for an event Management of multiple local or remote videowalls SpaceControl Display Zoom adapted to HD cameras*
  • Dynamic positioning of markers (bookmarks) during visualisation*
  • Multi-camera timeline representation of video events received*
  • Operation and management of LAPI camera data
  • Optional permanent centralised video recording

Human Management

  • GPS track-and-trace localisation of agents on the move (PTI)*
  • Management of technical teams via technical reporting, which can be automatically programmed by teams and parks concerned
  • Integrated trombinoscope to complement access control

screen Interoperability, Openness

Interoperability, Openness

  • Interoperability with the remote monitoring station to export activity and lower human costs during off-peak periods
  • Openness to most protocols on the market, allowing existing equipment to be retained and new protocols to be added

Enhanced Human Workflow

The Deep Learning AV1 engine helps to relieve the operator of many video controls: filtering false alarms, managing suspicious behaviour, virtual patrols to detect camera sabotage, leaving or stealing of objects, searches thanks to multi-camera re-identification, etc.

screen Alarm Management

Alarm Management

Alarms are returned to the interface so that the operator can verify them. Automated scenarios are generated and cameras move to pre-defined positions. As a result, you have a clear view of your overall situation.


The operator will be notified when people, vehicles and objects are detected outside of authorised zones. This allows the operator to assess the present danger and react as quickly as possible, working hand in hand with the associated security services.

(*) coming soon

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