Receiver - Multi-Protocol Video Server



Receiver - Multi-Protocol Video Server.

Simplify your video reception configuration and greatly expand your operators’ video analysis capacity.
Whether it’s in standalone mode or integrated into the M1, the V1 lets you carry out anything from simple video verification to a complex video protection service. Compatible with 140 video protocols on the market and delivered over a single interface, the V1 is equipped with complimentary deep learning-based video analysis features. These allow false alarms to be filtered out effectively, camera verification and automatic video rounds with behavioural detection.

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Behavioural Video Analysis.

Benefit from virtual operators thanks to AI.
The AV1 module is based on powerful deep learning algorithms. It allows alarm films to be filtered as well as only the "real" alarms to be shown to operators. In addition, it enables virtual barriers to be installed and masking zones to be defined, along with correct operation and camera positioning to be checked remotely. Finally, it allows virtual rounds to be programmed to either replace or complement rounds performed by security guards.

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Video Wall.

The VW1 module, managed from the V1 client, allows any live video stream to be displayed and shared, via drag and drop, on one or more centralised screens, on a remote tablet and smartphone.

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