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Mapping & Tracking System


C1 is an ESI mapping system which uses a standard mapping database which we modified to provide alarm monitoring and tracking features. C1 helps alarm monitoring operators to locate sites, mobile devices and external groups such as security agencies : installers or after-sales service, commercial services, vehicle-tracking devices, and remote persons making emergency calls.

Advanced features


The mapping API integrated into ESI software allows operation with or without Internet connection and provides on-demand positioning and address-based localisation features, maps based on GPS coordinates, point clouds (TRACKING), and the ability to define several points on the same map. C1 also enables mapping point customisation using pictograms.


C1 displays data coming from sites and mobile devices equipped with tracking devices. In general, these devices send two types of information: SMS which is used to identify the device and GPS coordinates.

Integration into ESI Products

C1 is integrated into the ESI GLOBAL processing chain, an integration in which F1 manages the reception of information incoming from mobile devices in SMS, GPRS and RTC. C1 interfaces with other software in the GLOBAL Integration suite while M1 memorises data from sites and logs. It also allows alarm monitoring operators to perform traces and to control the quality of intervention services and/or security guard performance as well as the service quality of the new generation Social care systems used to assist elderly mobility.

Technical features
Intervention time-stamping and traceability
Localisation of closest responders to the site
Localisation in the case of emergency calls from remote persons
On-demand construction of address-based position or location
Display of data coming from sites or mobile devices equipped with tracking devices
Map Available Europe and North Africa (upon demand)