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Human / Technology Convergence

The ESI Cyberguarding platform is a perfect complement to human-staffed security guard services as it can enhance efficiency, security and provide a competitive edge.

ESI Cyberguarding is based on products that support multi-protocol video management (currently there are 100 protocols available in the catalogue), optimisation and automation of video monitoring, interactive plan management, robotics-monitoring, detection of false alarms as well as video analysis.

Based on proven technologies, the MV1 platform combines the most powerful ESI modules: F1 for events, M1 for management, P1 for interactive plans and V1 for video monitoring.

Cameras communicate in a random fashion with the video-surveillance centre, thus adding “virtual” rounds to the existing security guard’s physical rounds. When combined with video analysis, the effectiveness of the virtual rounds is increased ten-fold and the guards in the main control station can notify local guards and/or patrols about various event detections.

Local security stations can also be monitored by central remote stations when local guards perform their rounds and/or interventions.

Thanks to Cyberguarding, the presence of guards and/or watch-dogs at sites can be optimised through camera surveillance.

Local surveillance can be optimised by means of dedicated on-site guards or by rapid response patrols located in the area with rapid site access.

Many functions can be performed remotely just as well or better than locally including technical verification of camera status and availability, site access control, virtual reception, etc, ... .