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Inter-station event dispatcher


D1 has been created to receive events from different front-end receivers and dispatch these events to management information systems with F1Com protocols or differrent protocols.

Advanced features

D1 optimizes the routing process of events between front-end receivers and management information systems (homogeneous or heterogeneous), s’affranchir de la chute de l’informatique de gestion d’une station and enables the rerouting of a received information flux from the main station to a back-up station.

The event dispatcher is able to simultaneously manage multiple front-end receivers, alarm monitoring systems and incoming events to different outgoings. D1 can prefix a transmitter’s ID to differentiate identical parks and can store information temporarily in the case of a problem with the information management system or back-up server.

Besides these functions, D1 contains advanced management functions, consignments, Journalisation et transcodage de boucles. The dispatcher can also share resources: for example, using only one front-end receiver which supports a network or a specific protocol and routing events of each station to its end receiver.

Technical features
Routing to AMS with different protocols
Routing simultaneously to AMS
No information loss
Advanced management functions
Prefix of parks
Transcoding loops
Sharing resources
Buffering informations overload of SIG