Front end reception of multi-protocol and multi-network alarms



Front end reception of multi-protocol and multi-network alarms.

Bring together the reception of all your transmission protocols and equipment into a single receiver, the F1, a multi-network and multi-protocol front end receiver.
F1 supports all networks (ISDN-IP-GSM-VoIP-SIP trunks) and over 240 alarm protocols. It integrates the management of audio sequences such as verification and intercom systems, thanks to its interfacing with most existing telephony systems (IPBX). One option is with the script management module, allowing full automation of incoming or outgoing telephony, via an interactive voice server equipped with text-to-speech and voice synthesis facilities. The new X1 interface now allows direct decoding of alarms using a SIP trunk. The X1 is a simple software module which can now be installed in a virtual environment.

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Additional modules

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Software Interface for SIP Trunk.

The X1 module allows native F1 software interfacing with SIP Trunks from telecom operators and offers up to 30 decoding channels.

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Integrated Audio Recorder.

RC1 is a digital audio recorder that is synchronised with front end alarm reception. Audio files and events are sent to the customer's alarm folder in WAV format. RC1 features an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Server that communicates pre-recorded audio messages interactively, text-to-speech dictation and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), calibrated according to specific customised scenarios.



VOIP Telephony.

Telephony is one of the major components in remote monitoring, which operates in a similar way to a call centre. ESI is aware of this essential need and has always integrated telephony into its products: automatic dialling (click-to-call), call centre module (CC1) for incoming calls. Based on the open-source software Asterisk®, KESIX enables safeguarded and multi-site configurations on a limited budget.

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Event Dispatcher.

The D1 is used to facilitate migration operations: alarm routing control and duplication, protocol transcription, pre-setting of transmitter fleets, transcription and filtering of event codes etc.

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