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Alarm Receiving Center


F1 is the first multi-protocol, multi-network alarm receiving centre that easily integrates into a diverse number of management information systems. It really performs when combined with other ESI solutions, especially the M1 management supervisor, the V1 video reassurance client server and the RC1 digital audio recorder. F1 is one of the main components of the GLOBAL INTEGRATION product line.

Advanced features

A single solution to cover all protocols

The F1 receiving centre combines the reception of protocols and networks from alarm and telephony in to a single, totally open solution eliminating the need for numerous reception systems and protocols by standardising them into a single output protocol. It provides a choice of various IT management systems thanks to the variety of output protocols available. Its modular architecture makes it a high-end tool that is flexible and adaptable. F1 is multilingual and its innovative design allows it to communicate over RNIS, RTC, TCP/IP, GSM/GSM data, X25, and ADSL/GPRS networks and to receive events in most standard alarm monitoring protocols.

Scenarios Mechanism

F1 has a scenario mechanism which can, through one or more remote commands, be commanded to execute various actions associated with the RNIS module. These various scenarios are especially suited to the generation of outgoing calls, audio switching actions and the creation of macros and downloads. Audio recordings are created by RC1. With RC1 and the scenario module, F1 provides voice server interactive features.

Telephony Management

Amongst other things, F1 is capable of managing outgoing calls; these calls are traced and the result is transmitted to the management system along with any additional information; audio monitors and interphony, two types of audio reassurance: audio monitoring initiated by site alarm calls and audio monitoring initiated by operators; incoming calls with call hold.

Complementary modules

Technical features
Protocols alarms managed reception +210
Provides advanced telephony management
Statistical telephone call reports
Scenario module
Multi-network communication
Voice server module