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Alarm monitoring of industrial sites is often accompanied by video-surveillance applications and access control. The number of sites is generally limited to a few dozen but the number of surveillance points can be quite large. The most popular applications include supervision of production lines, industrial and/or pharmaceutical processes, automation equipment, warehouses and stock.

In a crushing plant, for example, or a hazardous chemical factory where employees can be at risk, production process Alarm monitoring provides an ideal solution. The installation of a system that transmits video to a control room allows plant workers to monitor the status of their machines without risking to their heath from inhalation of dust or toxic chemicals. It can also help personnel to diagnose machine breakdowns more quickly and efficiently.

Profit losses due to the theft of raw materials or finished products can become be a major issue. A camera network can play a significant role in detecting and discouraging such activities and it can also be used to verify the efficiency and effectiveness of loading/unloading activities as well as other processes. Monitoring the stocking system (accessibility and efficient management of products) can result in a considerable improvement to production-site processes. Often, storage is made off-site due to economic reasons and such facilities are perfect locations to install video-surveillance systems that can be monitored over IP or more traditional methods such as a broadband connection.

The ESI modules generally used by Industry clients include :
F1, V1, P1, M1