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IPBX IP telephony solution


Asterisk is an open source PBX for UNIX systems, more commonly known as private telephone switch. Its general features: voicemail, conferences, queues, call agents, music on hold, set call guard, call distribution. It implements the protocols H.320, H.323, SIP and IAX protocol called specific (Inter-Asterisk eXchange). The IAX protocol allows communication between two Asterisk servers, and between client and Asterisk server. It can also act as a registrar and gateway with public networks (PSTN, GSM ...).

Advanced features

Fully integrated response to the needs of telephony

To transform it into IP PBX must completely replace proprietary PBX with FXO / FXS cards and join features VoIP. The total operation is in VoIP through SIP or IAX phones on the market. Third modules allow you to view or configure the PBX via a Flash interface or via a thin client.


In the spirit of a natural consequence of the integration of the telephony element for which ESI has always seen the importance of treating a monitoring station as a call center, ESI has integrated Asterisk, in GLOBAL Integration. This addition allows ESI to offer additional advanced telephony features, adding a certain added value to the whole GLOBAL integration, such as automatic numbering or grid stations with integrated PBX / IP PBX / VOIP, thus solving all the problems of routing communication Audio (Listening, intercom and telephony) within the mesh stations.


The Asterisk module is delivered in a GNU, so the license is Open Source and ESI does not charge the additional communication modules with its products, equipment and related services. ESI avce the PBX is able to offer a solution entèrement backpée Fail over in a very competitive prices.

Technical features
Scalable by modules or scripts Perl, C, Python, PHP
Hardware Interoperability PSTN, ISDN, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Sound Card
Sharing of international telephone services resources
Natural integration of VOIP and SIP
Number of actual outgoing calls
Number of actual incoming calls during
Number of missed calls
Average duration of outgoing calls
Average duration of incoming calls
Satisfaction index
Average length of expectations
Calls pricing (admin only)