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Supervisor alarm monitoring stations


Based on proven technology, M1 provides the most up to date technology and functionality for the full management of remote monitoring centers, be they for banking, industry, health sector or general public. It is a central element of the GLOBAL INTEGRATION offer.

Its design allows it to manage events received from most of the front ends available on the market of remote monitoring.

Advanced features

A user-friendly interface

The intuitive interface of M1 results of actions schemes put in place to allow the operator to be guided through the steps to be followed for the treatment of an alarm,from release to aquited alarms and access to all information on the site.

Advanced Interactivity Management

The M1/V1 Alarm Management Package is equipped with advanced telecommunications management software. The full system processes incoming and outgoing telephone calls, audio monitoring and provides interphony features, it also utilizes faxes, emails, voice servers and SMS send/receive. Multimedia integration provides audio and video recordings, telephone and audio monitoring/recording. The use of the new XML, HTML, Java, and Ajax technologies, along with the integration of a WEB server provides access to M1 via a service platform.

Integration of the Advanced Telephony Features

ESI has been a precursor in terms of its developments by providing stations with alarm monitoring capability and integration of call-centre functionality. Thanks to the M1-F1-RC1 and IPBX combination, alarm monitoring operators finally benefit from advanced features of incoming and outgoing telephony optimisation. Also the M1-MG1 combination has the most up-to-date telecommunications features such as: fax, email, SMS, Web server, remote access, etc ... .

Technical features
Capability of processing at event reception
Unlimited number of sites on the same server Illimité
Simultaneous operators 150
Web server to facilitate record consultation and data entry, history log, statistics, etc ...
Windows environment, ORACLE database
Simplified data entry
Multi-criteria module for the viewing of statistics, reports, lists of journals and logs
Management of external security callouts or after sales support
Management of local and remote backups
Management of commercial contracts and invoicing (M1GC)
Management of site technical configurations (M1TS)