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Multicom Gateway


MG1 provides easy access to communication through M1 by SMS (GSM Data), Fax and email, and offers simplified functionalities for ECM*. Incoming emails are distributed to operators following the same rules than the distribution of alarms mode.

A real “call center” of these messages can then be configured in M1 Manager. M1 History filters the alarm messages thus allowing the treatment of historic. A new seach for reporting planned tasks enables the automatic generation of reports and automatic email sending.

* Electronic Document Management

Advanced features

Email treatment

Through "treatment groups", the administrator can set which operators will be responsible for handling emails. Thus, the “incoming” messages are shown only to operators with rights. If there is no authorized operator connected, “unread” messages are presented when an authorized operator logs.

Each email received is subject to a notice in the notifications window. Alarm processing being a priority, the messages are presented in a different space in oder not to pollute. The operator can select any incoming message to assign an alarm file. When the email is forwarded, it disappears from the Inbox to appear in the file history.

Automatic creation and sending of reporting

The new "Task Report" tab in the main window of M1 History includes the creation of automatic report generation. The report tasks assistant can easily be set to automatic reports sending by MG1.

It offers an important feature selection criteria for multiple choice models, sending and receiving frequencies. It also allows you to export or print the report. The management console allows you to view details on sendings.

Use of M1 History

M1 History includes in its selection criteria, a new nature to filter th alarm messages. Other existing criteria are used to narrow the search by origin, date, site and user. Selecting a message will be editing in a web browser.