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Interactive plans


P1 is the interactive presentation system of maps, developed by ESI. The advanced and customizable interface offers a better understanding of the spatial and physical environment, alarm verification tools and the possibility to supervise and control. P1 is often integrated with supervisor systems M1 and V1.

Advanced features

P1 Manager

P1 Manager allows station administrators to enter the site plans and setups for monitored clients, as well as the locations of installed sensors, using pre-defined or custom libraries.

P1 Client

P1 Client allows a bright and direct interaction between the sensors placed on the maps and their piloting, thanks to a perfect integration of the remote controls by supervisors M1 and V1. With P1 it is also possible, by a simple click on a camera sensor, to launch a process of audio and video verification thanks to videos made by V1 and so to optimize the efficiency of this verification.

Technical features
Audio verification
Start a video in the map presentation
Start a remote order (open a door)
State of contact (door open or closed, state of sensor)
Visualization of chosen detection point
Visualization of an alarm