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Integrated digital audio recorder


The treatment module of audio sequences, RC1 enables the registration of all audio sequences which pass by the front-end receiver F1 in different formats. The restitution of recorded audio is possible thanks to the RC1 player interface or the intermediary of the AMS management interface system.

RC1 enables also the possibility to play Wave sequences with RNIS links, these pass by the F1-RC1 duo. The combination of F1 and RC1 allows the total automation of a telephone recall (normally the task of an operator) which gives the operator more time for other tasks or to increase his work capacity.

Advanced features

Complementay Module F1

RC1 is an additional module of the F1 front-end alarm receiver, the F1 is connected to a central management system. It can also be used in a stand-alone, single station or network mode.

It is possible to register: audio from alarm monitoring stations to execute audio/video verifications, audio demanded by the operator, interphones with the sites by initialized communication with an AMS, incoming/outgoing phone calls, controlled or not by the general management solution.


The RC1 interface adapts, according to the number of declared voices and can present between 1 and 4 audio channels. The interface can visualize : up to 32 simultaneous voices, audio activity, DID working on F1, Sender’s site number, phone ID and recording time. RC1 enables also the registration and playback of audio, interphones and phones which pass by the F1 in a Wave format.

Technical features
Complementary module of F1
Audio registration in wav format
Multiple and simultaneous voice
Possibility to export recordings
Compatible with the law/rules concerning recordings
Streaming of recordings