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Equipped with a portable BIP transmitter (bracelet, pendent or watch) which communicates with a unit connected to the telephone line, subscribers can call the Social care centre at any time, from their homes,. Most of the time, the client is seeking contact and wants to talk with someone in order to alleviate their loneliness and sense of isolation. In such cases, the operator is happy to provide the required comfort and reassurance.

Sometimes, however, the situation can be much more serious (an accidental fall, a choking incident, a loss of consciousness, etc.). In such cases, the operator quickly analyses the situation to ensure the appropriate rapid intervention: he first alerts potential local reponders (neighbours, family, friends, etc.) then, if necessary, alerts local emergency services.

Most often this is integrated into a stay-at-home project. Today, Social care services are used by a larger range of clients including those working outside the home (remote workers equipped with alarm devices). Thanks to ESI’s geolocation capabilities, the call platform can quickly direct emergency services to the person in need of help.

While ensuring the necessary security, ESI products also provides quick, efficient help for those in trouble.

The ESI modules generally used by Social care clients include :
F1, RC1, C1, M1, IPBX, MG1