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The job of a alarm monitoring operator consists of ensuring the security of various sites monitored by the remote monitoring station. The alarm monitoring operatorreceives alarm signals on his computer triggered by fire, panic or intrusions into private homes, shops, banks and/or museums.

The operator ensures the security of client sites from a remote location by analysing information coming from the various security and video-surveillance systems installed at those sites. This information is transmitted to the operator in the form of messages or images.

In the case of alarms and observed anomalies, the operator performs the actions specified in the client’s pre-defined instructions while also respecting the applicable regulations and procedures of the alarm monitoring/video-surveillance centre in which he works. Any activations or actions taken by the operator are also logged in the computer database for statistical and historical analysis.

He then analyses the information coming from the security/video-surveillance systems installed at the site, addresses any intruders to encourage them to leave, then notifies the clients and the local police, in the case of an intrusion, or fire department, in the case of a fire alarm signal. The alarm monitoring operator also logs the event. Operator characteristics: alarm monitoring operators must be reliable, rigorous and alert. They must be capable of reacting quickly and making the appropriate correct decisions.

The alarm monitoring operator must be capable of maintaining a calm demeanour and efficiently managing stressful situations. In addition, he must listen to the clients and be capable of reassuring them: good client relations are, therefore, essential. Advancement opportunities: after several years of experience, a alarm monitoring operator can become a head operator or even an operations manager.

The ESI product line provides all of these functions including traceability for the purpose of performance evaluation. Also the incorporation of automated routines frees operators from mundane, repetitive tasks so they can concentrate on site protection and maintaining good client relations.

The ESI modules generally used by alarm monitoring clients include :
F1, RC1, V1, M1, M1 Web, IPBX, MG1