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Multi-manufacturer and multi-network video alarm receiver


V1 is the first client-server, multi-manufacturer video system with more than 100 available protocols; the V1 system enables video monitoring and alarm verification in heterogeneity with video transmission systems.

Its multi-protocol functions associated with technical partnerships with video material suppliers, reassure the technical and sales success of V1. It offers a bidirectional communication with the alarm monitoring software and the client-server architecture enables the system to dispatch videos on each operator workstation.

Advanced features

The advantages of V1

The possibility to be connected with 48 cameras per transmitter or to be simultaneously connected to several video transmitters, through different protocols. V1 enables listen and call on site, an audio verification and a real-time replication of events and videos on the back-up server which assure their availability. V1 also allows the creation of generic action sequences that contributes to the automation and simplification of tasks.

Integrated features

With its advanced graphical interface, V1 Client allows an intuitive and simple handling of the system. This client-server system enables the live visualization of images, to display up to 72 visualization windows, the registration of the images directly in the V1 Client, the activation of exit relays and the possibility to read the stored videos again with a Timeline interface which shows the recordings and events temporarily. V1 is linked with a management information system throughout the F1com protocol.


V1 integrates from now on telemetry functions. This means that an operator can pilot a dome camera in the Live Live once it has begun. The operator can choose pre-registered or new positions.

Technical features
Bidirectional communication with the Alarm Monitoring Software
Simultaneous connection to several video transmitters
Cameras for transmitter 48
Number of protocols More than 100 (continuous development)
Real-time replication of events and movies on the spare server
Creation of scenarios
Live visualization
Video recording
Rereading with Timeline interface
Activation of exit relays
Programming of video rounds
Alarm verification
Visualization windows 72

* The availability of features may be dependent on the manufacturer which it merges.